Rotary Club of Lansing: International Outreach

Our work to improve communities is not limited to our city limits.

With two-thirds of the 32,000 Rotary clubs located outside the United States, the Rotary Club of Lansing works hard to expand our mission internationally while not short changing local and regional projects.

Some of our more notable projects nationally include:

Nyaka is a project serving aids orphans, “grandmothers” who care for them and their neighboring communities in rural western Uganda. It was founded by an East Lansing Rotarian, Jackson Kaguri, after he lost siblings to the aids epidemic and saw the need to provide services to his nieces and nephews and other community children.

Our club has provided a number of projects to Nyaka including: a school water supply; health care equipment and supplies, educational equipment and supplies: building facilities and grandmother housing.

Attached is a picture of the high school computer lab. These computers are power primarily by solar power as utility power is very intermittent. Also, they are currently used primarily to learn basic software because there is currently no good internet connection. That connection will hopefully be obtained in the near future.
Global Dental Relief
Through the Global Dental Relief grant, The Rotary Club of Lansing has provided dental care to more than 1,858 children in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala valued at $456,580. The treatment provided to these children include:
  • 1,322 fluoride applications
  • 1,202 fillings
  • 563 cleanings
  • 439 extractions
  • 227 sealants
From our volunteers and the kids they serve, thank-you for your continued support. A healthy mouth helps a child sleep well, eat well, concentrate in school and thrive. Your club is truly changing the lives of these children!