The function of the Information Committee is to educate and orient prospective new members to Rotary as an international organization and the Lansing Rotary Club, specifically.  The Committee generally meets on a monthly basis.  Committee members address specific topics at the meeting that include background information on Rotary and expectations of its members.  The topics include:

  • History - a review of the origin and development of Rotary and of the Lansing Club.
  • Club Service - addresses the roles, activities, and opportunities for individuals within the Lansing Rotary to support the Club through the committee structure.
  • Community Service - a review of the history and current projects and activities through which the Lansing Rotary serves the community.
  • Vocational service - a discussion of how Club members serve others through their profession.
  • International Service - a presentation on Rotary's history of international involvement including a discussion of past and current activities that are designed to foster international peace and understanding.
  • Rotary Foundation - an orientation to the charitable giving activities sponsored by Rotary and a review of expectations of the members in terms of contributions.
  • Classification and Attendance - a review of the member classification system and the meeting attendance expectations.
  • Club Secretary Report - a presentation on details of becoming a member of Lansing Rotary and a variety of items related to meeting locations, parking, make-up meetings, etc.