The function of the Paul Harris Committee is to coordinate the Paul Harris Foundation fund raising activities of the Lansing Rotary Club.  The purpose of the Foundation is to raise monies for the improvement of humankind around the world.  An example of this is the polio plus campaign to eradicate polio from the world.

Whenever possible, it is the goal of the committee to make a presentation at a Rotary meeting in March to advise the members of the upcoming campaign.  The main fund raising activities occur during the month of April, though all Club members have the opportunity to make contributions throughout the year.  As part of our ongoing promotional activities, brochures would be distributed periodically throughout the year. 

Rotarians who contribute $1,000.00 are awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.  For each additional $1,000.00 in contributions, a member has the option to designate another individual as the recipient or maintain the amount under their name.  The second donation of $1,000.00 is characterized by the designation of Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  The awards are presented either quarterly or semi-annually during our normal Rotary meeting, depending on the number of Paul Harris Fellows to be awarded.