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Today’s meeting took place on the kind of summer day we dream about all winter. Seventies, sunny, and a beautiful breeze.
A centerpiece of today’s meeting was that the stage, where the leaders of the meeting sit, was feeling somewhat wobbly. There was much tentative motion back and forth to the podium. Thankfully, there were no mishaps. It made for a suspenseful meeting!
12:30 CALL TO ORDER by President Sue Hansen
INVOCATION: Sandy Draggoo
In her remarks, Sandy stated that she honestly believes the purpose of Rotary is to make a difference in the world. Projects do not become a reality without people giving their talents, time and resources. She expressed her thankfulness that Rotarians maintain a compassionate arm with which to share monetary resources to help those less fortunate. For example, Rotary’s work providing fresh water, creating improved learning spaces, eradicating polio across the globe, and helping our less fortunate neighbors right here in Lansing are wonderful achievements. She asked for us to be kept humble “low enough to always look up to You, high enough to always want to bring others up to where we are”. Last, she asked for us to be kept hungry enough to want to keep giving.
PATRIOTIC SONG: God Bless America
Nathan Triplett brought his son Teddy, today.
Kurt Guter remarked that a friend of his is taking a third ambulance to Ukraine. For those injured at Chernobyl several decades ago, he wants to fill the ambulance with a type of thyroid medication that can’t be found in Ukraine but that everybody needs. If anyone knows a drug wholesale pharmacy company who can help provide this medication at discount, please talk to Kurt.
Four Way Test—President Sue
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
HEALTH OF THE CLUB: Jennifer Rostar
Irv Nichols noted that Dave O’Leary fell in his bathroom on Wednesday night. He lost a lot of blood and was found the following morning. He was taken to McClaren but moved to Sparrow 4 am today. Has been dealing with quite a bit of dizziness lately. Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.
SPECIAL MUSIC: Rodney Lamar Page (violinist)
Rodney received his music education at MSU, then decided to be a stay at home father. This has allowed him time for lots of gigs and DJ work. Two of his more popular places to play music are at the English Inn and the Lansing Center (where everybody seems to know him).
The first song that Rodney played was called Fruit—a sad piece that Rodney wrote as a way to say good-bye to a good friend whose nickname was ‘Fruit’. This woman was an orchestra teacher at the Byron Center Public Schools although they met at Blue Lake in 1989 and had been friends for more than 30 years. Fruit, a cellist, was very encouraging to Rodney. Sadly, COVID took her life very unexpectedly this past February. Rodney had looked for her at the annual Michigan Music Teachers Conference and was surprised when she did not text or write back ahead of time. Just after the conference, he learned that she had passed away. This song was for her, a vivid reminder that you have to tell those who are close you that you love them, as often as you can. Rodney’s composition was melancholy and truly beautiful.
Rodney’s second song was a wonderful rendition of Tea for Two, played as a lovely duet with John Dale. There was much improvisation in this piece and, despite the encouragement from the audience, Julie Pingston chose NOT to tap dance in accompaniment.
CHAIR OF THE MONTH: Courtney Millbrook
CHAIR OF THE DAY: Diane Sanborn
TOPIC: “The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation Annual Meeting”
Diane stated that it has been a pleasure serving as the President of the Foundation this year. Much of the year was spent working to get the foundation’s Policies and Procedures revamped. Kevin Schumacher has been invaluable in this effort and she wants to be sure he is recognized for his efforts. At last week’s meeting of the foundation board, the revised policies and procedures were approved.
Diane remarked that several people left the foundation board, as well as Rotary, this year. That’s why the board looks as large as it does—because of this turnover.
Diane then reviewed the material contained in the Powerpoint that is attached to this report. It provides an exceedingly more thorough overview of the foundation’s work this year than I could possibly relay in my notes.
At the end of her presentation, Kevin Schumacher remarked that Rotary is now considered a lead philanthropist in Lansing. It’s a great way to have our name out in front of the public and it’s wonderful that we Rotary Park now, too. Throughout the world, there are Rotary Parks in many cities—and now we are one of them.
What everybody should be thinking about now, though, is “What is our next big idea?”. What next BIG project should Rotary be thinking about? Be sure to approach foundation board members with your ideas and don’t hesitate to state your interest in joining the board yourself.
Sue Mills stated that she would like to see the new Policies and Procedures. Diane responded that these are hot off the press and will be made available soon. Sue also stated that she would like to see the previously shared, annual list of those Rotary members who had given to the three annual collections—birthday, holiday, and Paul Harris. Sue Hansen remarked that this was stopped during COVID but will likely be returning soon.
Last, Kevin described how our club’s giving is broken down between international and local gifts. At the local level, the board can decide how to allocate those funds across small, medium and large grant requests ($5,000 and lower, $5,001-$25,000, and above $25,000). In years when a big project is on the table, it is possible that small and medium projects may not be funded. This decision is at the discretion of the board.
Diane Sanborn now hands the foundation board baton off to Sandy Draggoo, who is looking forward to her time as Foundation Board President.
Next week is Sue Hansen’s roast last week as Club President. It is also the week when she will be roasted—so be sure to come to the meeting! Courtney Millbrook will then take over the presidency of the club.
MEETING ADJOURNMENT: President Sue adjourned the meeting at 1:13 pm.
Stay well, Everyone!!
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